About myself

My Name Is Donald Delmar Davis. I make Suspect Devices

I also make art and music. During my first 6 years in Portland I became obsessed with making a community people who could make robots that make art. To that end I created a tiny curriculum based around the cult of the arduino and inducted close to 500 people in Portland alone.
After all these years, I am convinced that maybe 10 of my students could create a robot that makes art. The majority of them insisted on making a bunch of other cool stuff in spite of my best intentions.
I would suppose that from a darwinian perspective I am succeeding.I now teach an 8 week course at an art school in physical computiing. The results have been much more like art.
In the realm of traditional art I am currently focused on printwork using a bottle jack press.
If you would like to follow along with my work you can find the technical parts of it at http://www.suspectdevices.com/blahg/author/feurig/.
You can also find my current print work on my flickr pool as well as at my Etsy Shop.

Miscellaneous works

  • Macinbass

    A handbuilt bass guitar with a PowerBook inside.

  • Pinkfish

    A fish made of LEDs on a hand etched circuitboard.

  • Be Evil

    A poster for the Arduino Cult Induction.

  • Coffee Cup Manifesto

    An animatronic coffee cup using a microcontroller and the Apple speech synthesis demo program.

Modern World

Given that the anonymous protester was Time magazine's 2011 "person of the year", I though that the Modern World needed to be updated to multiplayer and housed in its own video game cabinet. This piece was origionally done in 2010 for an art show in Spokane and was rebuilt as a multiplayer game for the Byte Me 2012 show at the Launchpad Gallery.

Original Demonstration

Meditation on American Politics

A pendulum where the swings to the reactionary right are not balanced by an ineffective left.
This piece was introduced at the Byte Me 2012 show at the Launchpad Gallery.


For many years I have thought about the imbalance in our political system and wanted to create a physical manifistation of the ineffective left followed by a reactionary right. In the creation of this piece I kept the mechanical details as hidden as possible. One thing worth noting is that the 7' pendulum is driven by a single model airplane servo and an arduino based micro controller.

Magic Window

Inspired by working for two years in a windowless basment.


Print Work

I have been working on mastering print making using a 12ton Bottle Jack Press from Harbor Freight.

This work can be purchased at my Etsy Shop.



I started playing music late forming my first punk band (busholini) in my late 30s

  • Busholini
  • Medical Lake
  • Party Crashers
  • Oxytocin Junkies